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Our Technicians

You can rest comfortably knowing that all our technicians are licensed and insured. We are proud of our factory trained and CFESA certified service technicians that are there to promptly resolve your issues.

Indianapolis Area Technicians

Charles M.

A true specialist, Charles is the resident microwave expert here at Vanco. He enjoys learning something new when he thought he knew it all. He roots for the Pacers, the KC Chiefs, and enjoys his family of 5 dachshunds.

Dave Y.

Dave is a “hot side” specialist at Vanco, an expert at repairing any equipment that cooks food or keeps it warm. When he’s not rooting for his son’s sports teams, he describes himself as a nerd who enjoys video games, Star Wars and comic books.

Kevin B.

Kevin is a man of many interests, including music (plays trumpet), cooking, camping, and sports of all kinds.  One of his goals is to attend an NFL game at all 32 stadiums.

Mike V.

Quiet and soft-spoken, Mike provides invaluable service on our Indy team.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters.

Kirk W.

Kirk is a very experienced technician and can fix just about anything!  We are fortunate to have his skills available for our Indy market.

Brad D.

Brad expertly balances a career at Vanco while also being a father of three children. He enjoys watching movies, listening to any and all kinds of music, all along with a healthy amount of football!

Paul O.

If you don’t find Paul here at Vanco, you’ll find him cheering on his Ohio State Buckeyes or Pittsburgh Steelers! Can you picture Paul in a ’65 Bel Air? That was his first set of wheels.

Mike V.

Hunting, fishing, swimming, hiking… Mike is a lover of the outdoors and always excited for the next adventure! He also finds fulfillment when able to go above and beyond with customers!

Tyler K.
Service Assistant

Tyler is training to be a technician while also attending college classes, and doing a great job at both!

Steven R.
Service Assistant

Steven is our newest service assistant, and is starting to learn the ropes of our industry, assisting the experienced techs as an extra pair of hands out in the field.

Daryl W.

Daryl is a very experienced technician and we’re grateful to have him on our team!  When not working, he likes to spend time with his family, and enjoys fishing and car shows.

Jason W.
Apprentice Technician

Jason is our newest apprentice technician and he’s learning fast!  He appreciates fixing something that is unusable and giving it purpose and value once again.

Kentucky Area Technicians

Parker D.

Parker is a very experienced technician who likes to spend a lot of time with his family, and enjoys hunting and watching football and baseball.

Evansville Area Technicians

John T.
Lead Technician

To say John likes to fish would be an understatement.  HE LOVES TO FISH!  John loves people and has a large family.  With 6 children and 6 more grandchildren, John has his hands full.  He is devoted to his work and loves to solve problems.

Matt G.

Happily married with two children, Matt is a family man.  He loves learning and is always quick to find solutions to unexpected problems.  When he’s not out on the job, Matt is spending time with his family or cruising around in his Dodge Charger.

Caleb T.
Service Assistant

Keeping it in the family, Caleb is following in his dad’s footsteps, and is working toward becoming a technician in his own right.

Steve B.

Steve comes to us with lots of experience and is a great all-around tech!  He loves the freedom to work by himself.  Away from work he’s a Steelers fan, loves tech gadgets, and has several pets, including a bearded dragon.

Fort Wayne Area Technicians

Our Office Staff

When you call us you talk to a person, not a machine or computer. You can expect prompt, courteous communication with clear expectations.

Indianapolis Office

Jan F.
Office Manager

Jan wears many hats, including HR and administrative roles.  At home she likes to read, work in her flower beds, and play with her two cats.

Kim W.
Lead Customer Service Representative

Kim has scheduled service techs, worked with customers, and generally solved problems here at Vanco for over 19 years!  She’s now lending her wealth of knowledge to our customer service team.  We are very fortunate to have her expertise!

Michael H.
V.P. of Operations

Michael has taken his years of experience in the field as a refrigeration tech extraordinaire and mentor to newer techs, into the office as our head of operations.  We are grateful for the insight he brings to the position and are so glad for his continued service in this new capacity!

Brooke Z.
Office Lead

Brooke manages and coordinates activities among the customer service, service coordinator, and parts departments.  Her family is her life and she’s heavily involved in their sports and activities.  She loves sports and being active, but she also loves sharks!  She’s very knowledgeable about them and has a great collection of all things shark!

Lynn C.
Parts and Safety Specialist

Lynn is overseeing our warehouse operations and is expanding and refining our safety culture as well.  He continues his military career in the reserves, and we are grateful for his service.

David T.
Parts Specialist

David is a world traveler, with a trip to Israel already under his belt, and plans to venture to Japan! David is an enthusiastic fan of anything Star Wars and loves watching movies and TV shows. Away from Vanco, you most likely find him with his friends, or enjoying some chocolate!

Crystal B.
Customer Service Representative

Crystal is one of our customer service representatives, always ready and happy to take your call!  Her family is very involved in several sports and dance, so she’s constantly on the go to their practices, games, classes, and competitions!

Tina V.
Accounting Specialist

Tina is very versatile and can handle many aspects of both accounts payable and accounts receivable.  When not at work she enjoys spending time at home with her husband and family.

Tom H.
Parts Specialist

Tom has moved from a service coordinator position over to add his skills to our parts department, and we are very grateful for his flexibility and willingness to learn and grow with Vanco!

Jennifer B.
Service Coordinator

Jennifer moved from customer service to being a service coordinator, so she brings a solid background to her current position!  Outside of work she spends time with her husband and two daughters and their many pets.

Mary K.
Accounting Specialist

Mary is our newest accounting specialist, but she brings years of experience to our team!  When not at work she spends time with her two cats and loves watching British murder mysteries.  She intends one day to become a published author.

Jeanne K.
Parts Specialist

Jeanne is our newest parts specialist and is learning fast!  When not at work, she enjoys spending as much time as possible with her young granddaughter.

Larry G.
Service Coordinator

Larry is our newest service coordinator but he brings a lot of experience to the job, and we’re very happy to have him on our team!

Keith Gearlds

Keith recently joined us as our Controller, and we’re very fortunate to have him!  At work he’s the leader of our accounting team, and at home he’s a dedicated family man.  Welcome, Keith!

Steve F.
Service Manager

Steve was promoted from a lead technician position to our service manager, so he brings a wealth of knowledge and unique insight to his current position.  Welcome to office life, Steve!

Rusty P.
Director of Business Development

Balancing a demanding job along with a family-owned cattle farm sounds like a daunting task, but if anyone could do it, it’s Rusty. While away from work, Rusty enjoys target/skeet shooting, waterfowl hunting, and spending time with his family around a campfire or on the front porch with a large slice of chocolate cake!

Emily Allen
Executive Assistant 

Emily tracks our Performance Indicators, plans and executes all events, and manages the real estate here. Since she is part time at Vanco, she considers her full time job to be “creating an environment where my family feels loved, safe, and can be themselves.”

Jeremy Allen

Jeremy is Vanco’s owner, and he oversees all operations and administration of the company. He appreciates being able to lead a team of talented folks who have a common vision of serving our customers. Away from Vanco, he enjoys boating, camping and being outdoors with his family.

Fort Wayne Office

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