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Vanco repairs, maintains, and installs commercial foodservice and refrigeration equipment throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and parts of Illinois.

Those who serve food for a living have trusted us since 1971 to provide prompt and professional service at a reasonable price. We understand how important each piece of equipment is to your kitchen and we know you are counting on us to get it back into service.


Replacement parts

Looking for OEM replacement parts? Vanco is a factory-authorized service provider and parts distributor for many manufacturers of commercial cooking, refrigeration, ice producing, and dish room equipment. We combine our role as experts in foodservice equipment repair with superior parts for all aspects of your operation.

Commercial HVAC

Facilities with commercial kitchens and dish rooms have special HVAC needs. The comfort and health of your patrons and staff is a key consideration. In addition, humidity, airborne grease, and exhaust produced by the kitchen must be dealt with using specialized air handling and conditioning equipment. Count on Vanco to understand the operation and maintenance needs of this equipment as well.

On-site microwave oven repair

Vanco understands microwave ovens play an important role in your commercial kitchen. Even if you have units at multiple prep stations, having just one microwave down puts a strain on your efficiency during peak periods. Through our Central Microwave division, Vanco is the state’s leading provider of on-site repair of commercial microwave ovens. Our vans are fully stocked with OEM replacement parts for all major manufacturers. Vanco will repair your unit on-site to get you up and running quickly.

Refrigerated room construction

Vanco also designs and assembles walk-in refrigerated rooms for foodservice, liquor store, floral shop, ice cream storage, and scientific applications. We can source and provide the equipment ourselves, or assemble and start-up equipment you have purchased from others. Many refrigeration equipment dealers utilize our service to install and start-up walk-in refrigeration equipment they have sold to their clients.

Planned Maintenence

When that equipment is not operating properly, you can experience reduced equipment life, reduced productivity, frustrated employees, longer customer waits, and reduced profits. With these risks in mind, Vanco created the Peak Performance planned maintenance agreement. Our Peak Performance plan is designed to keep your equipment operating at optimum levels and within Board of Health guidelines. This way you can address small problems before they become major repairs. Ask us how we can design a Peak Performance plan for your entire facility, or for just a single piece of equipment.

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Our long term relationship with VANCO is one of the best we have ever had with a vendor. It is not just the “numbers” but Vanco has taken the time to learn our business operations making their time on site more productive and thereby keeping down time to the minimum.

Don B.
Institutional Kitchen Maintenance Manager, Indianapolis