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Your foodservice and HVAC equipment represents a major investment.

When that equipment is not operating properly, you can experience:

  • Spoilage or poor food quality
  • Reduced equipment life
  • Higher utility bills
  • Reduced productivity
  • Frustrated employees
  • Longer customer waits
  • Uncomfortable customers
  • Reduced profits (strained budgets)

With these risks in mind, Vanco created the Peak Performance planned maintenance agreement. Our Peak Performance plan is designed to keep your equipment operating at optimum levels and within Board of Health guidelines. This way you can address small problems before they become major repairs. Ask us how we can design a Peak Performance plan for your entire facility, or for just a single piece of equipment.

With our Peak Performance plan, our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Well-trained, dedicated, and certified Vanco technicians
  • Discounted labor rates on repair services
  • Priority handling and scheduling for repair service
  • Peace of mind knowing equipment is periodically maintained by professional technicians
  • Satisfied customers and happier employees
  • Improved profits

We rely on the Vanco team to get the job done correctly, the first time. We also rely on their knowledge and expertise no matter what type of equipment or what brand we ask them to repair. We look at them as a partnerin anything we sell knowing that we may need to rely on them to correct a situation beyond our control. We also appreciate their great communication and honesty.

Adam N. Schut

Here is how the program works:

First, we determine what equipment you want to include in the program, and based on your input and our experience, we determine the maintenance to be performed and the frequency.

We then quote a pre-established price per planned visit. Since this service is scheduled in advance, the price is usually much less than the rate for hourly repair service.

If we find recommended repairs we will inform you of them and give you the estimated costs to determine if you want them completed. We generate an invoice for the planned visit only after the service is performed, and no repairs are made without your approval. You are not tied into an annual contract, and you can cancel any time.