Our Technicians

You can rest comfortably knowing that all our technicians are licensed and insured. We are proud of our factory trained and CFESA certified service technicians that are there to promptly resolve your issues.
Adam S

A musician away from work, Adam uses tools as his instruments to make our customer’s equipment hum again. He participates in open wheel dirt track car racing on many warm weather weekends.

AJ Rogers
Lead Technician

Vanco South. AJ does it all…refrigeration and all hot side equipment, including pressure fryers. When he’s not keeping commercial kitchens running, he will be with his young family or recreating outdoors.

Charles M

A true specialist, Charles is the resident microwave expert here at Vanco. He enjoys learning something new when he thought he knew it all. He roots for the Pacers, the KC Chiefs, and enjoys his family of 5 dachshunds.

Dave Y

Dave is a “hot side” specialist at Vanco, an expert at repairing any equipment that cooks food or keeps it warm. When he’s not rooting for his son’s sports teams, he describes himself as a nerd who enjoys video games, Star Wars and comic books.

Edward G

Ed likes the wide range of places his work at Vanco takes him. He enjoys family time, riding his motorcycle, and also collects vintage toys.

Cody C

Most people have a fear of heights, or spiders, or water, but not Cody, he has a unique fear of cheese! His phobia does not hold him back however, Cody loves the outdoors and spending time with his wife and 3 daughters. He dreams of buying land and building a perfect home for his family.

Ivan I

Ivan can repair any type of food service equipment, as well as cars, and also keeps quite busy with 5 kids in his family.

Mike S

Mike is a 13 year veteran tech who probably has seen it all. He likes working on a wide variety of equipment and the adventures of chasing his kids around in band, drum corps and color guard. Not only a Green Bay Packers fan, he is also a shareholder in the team.

Paul E

Paul finds using his mechanical gifts to diagnose and repair customer’s equipment to be very rewarding. He spends time with his family (including twenty four nieces and nephews). Paul plans to build and fly his own airplane some day.

Gage J
Service Assistant

Being the oldest of 5, Gage has had a wide range of experiences. He has an unquenchable thirst to learn and is always excited to take on new challenges. While he loves his job at Vanco, he also values spending time with his wife, watching Breaking Bad, and playing his piano.

Steve F

One of our many talented technicians. Steve finds joy in his work and always strives to bring a smile to everyone he meets. In his free time, he enjoys smoking meats and fishing with his wife.

Steve Y

Steve will take on any type of equipment issue and likely has the most experience with conveyor ovens of anyone. He also enjoys fishing, NASCAR racing, and family time.

Kirk W
Brad D
Apprentice Technician

Brad expertly balances a career at Vanco while also being a father of 3 kids. He enjoys watching movies, listening to any and all kinds of music, all along with a healthy amount of football!

Paul O

If you don’t find Paul here at Vanco, you’ll find him cheering on his Ohio State Buckeyes or Pittsburgh Steelers! Can you picture Paul in a ’65 Bel Air? That was his first set of wheels.

Michael (Plug) V

Hunting, fishing, swimming, hiking… Mike is a lover of the outdoors and always excited for the next adventure! He also finds fulfillment when able to go above and beyond with customers!

Dakota S
Apprentice Technician

Dakota is a non-stop learner. Dakota loves to play the guitar and loves his country. With his patriotic tattoos and great respect for George Washington, Dakota bleeds red white and blue!

Jason F

Since starting back in 2019, Jason has loved working on all kinds of equipment for customers. Jason also loves the great outdoors and dreams of one day visiting Alaska to go hunting.

Matt G

Happily married with 2 kids, Matt is a family man. He loves learning and is always quick to fining solutions to unexpected problems. When he’s not out on the job, Matt is spending time with his family or cruising around in his Dodge Charger.

John Taylor

To say John likes to fish would be an understatement. HE LOVES TO FISH! John loves people and has a large family. With 6 kids and 6 more grandkids, John has his hands full. He is devoted to his work and loves to solve problems.

Tony M
Apprentice Technician

He has the need, the need for speed! If Anthony isn’t here working on commercial kitchen equipment, he is out racing cars! Anthony is also a collector, working on trying to have bottle caps from every year since 1980.

Our Office Staff

When you call us you talk to a person, not a machine or computer. You can expect prompt, courteous communication with clear expectations.
Jan F
Customer Service Rep

Jan enjoys being the “Voice of Vanco,” the person customers are most likely to first talk to on the phone. She likes to read, do needlework, and can actually weave a basket when she has the opportunity.

Debbie H
Account Manager

Debbie responds to new customer inquiries and initiates careful follow up with our regulars. She loves meeting customers and assisting them with their problems, and to some surprise, she also likes to test drive fast cars with her husband on weekends. A favorite quote: “There are no traffic jams on the extra mile”—Zig Ziglar

Kim W
Senior Service Coordinator

Kim has scheduled service techs, worked with customers, and generally solved problems here at Vanco for over 10 years! She loves the Colts, Jeff Gordon, Peyton Manning and Roxie, her potbelly pig. Kim believes life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it!

Michael H
Field Service Supervisor

Michael has a true servant’s heart and enjoys hearing a customer say, “I’m glad you’re here.” He follows the Colts, IU Hoosiers and collects old hand tools.

Mike M
Indy Service Manager

Mike is a jack of all trades! He is an avid biker, enthusiastic hiker, and even a freelance videographer! Mike joined our team in mid-2020 and has quickly become a valued part of our team. He never ceases to amaze with his colorful stories, passionate conversations about baseball, and the incredible work he does on our team!

Tim K
Area Manager 

Tim is an outdoorsman, spending his time off work hunting deer and turkey on his 84 acres of land. Tim is a team player, building a tight-knit community with his team of technicians.

Justin S
Parts Specialist

Father of 3 and grandfather of 8, Justin is a friend to all. He is a die-hard Cubs fan and an avid watcher of Rick and Morty. He loves golfing, gardening, cooking, fishing, and stargazer!

David T
Parts Specialist

David is a world traveler, with a trip to Israel already under his belt, and plans to venture to Japan! David is an enthusiastic fan of anything Star Wars and loves watching movies and TV shows. Away from Vanco, you most likely find him with his friends, or enjoying some chocolate!

Caitlin H
Service Coordinator

It is simple, Vanco could not work without Caitlin. Her problem-solving skills and love for helping people makes her a valuable member of the team. She is a skilled archer and photographer and loves spending time with her husband and 2 dogs.

Jodi C
Accounting Specialist

Will work for Funyuns… But in all seriousness, Jodi is the best accountant in all of Indiana, just try and prove us wrong. Jodi does it all, while her and her husband balance full time careers, she is also the mother of 3 daughters and a die hard colts fan!

Luke Cearlock
Warranty and billing Specialist

Luke has a knack for being orderly, neat, detailed, and by the book. This has helped him in moving from the Parts Department to the Accounting world of the business during his tenure here. He is always willing to assist and adapt and keeps us on his toes with his quick wit. Just try to challenge his knowledge of college basketball, especially in March!

Brian M
Parts Specialist

Brian keeps the Vanco parts, tools, and equipment inventory moving in and out, with his attention to detail. Speaking of inventory, we wonder just how many comic books he has in his personal collection

Pat M
Senior Parts Manager

Pat is particularly talented at identifying and sourcing repair parts and thus he keeps all the Vanco techs supplied with the plethora of parts required to tackle the wide variety of kitchen equipment we service daily. He keeps quite a garden, and been married to Daniese for 35 years. (And a loyal member of Buckeye Nation even longer)

Rusty P
V.P. Of Operations  

Balancing a demanding job along with a family-owned cattle farm sounds like a daunting task, but if anyone could do it, it’s Rusty. While away from work, Rusty enjoys target/skeet shooting, waterfowl hunting, and spending time with his family around a campfire or on the front porch with a large slice of chocolate cake!

Emily Allen
Executive Assistant 

Emily tracks our Performance Indicators, plans and executes all events, and manages the real estate here. Since she is part time at Vanco, she considers her full time job to be “creating an environment where my family feels loved, safe, and can be themselves.”

Jeremy Allen

Jeremy is one of our owners, and he oversees all operations and administration of the company. He appreciates being able to lead a team of talented folks who have a common vision of serving our customers. Away from Vanco, he enjoys boating, camping and being outdoors with his family.

Gary Allen

Gary has been in the foodservice equipment service business since his junior year in high school. He appreciates the blessing of being business partners with his oldest son. Away from Vanco he is active in his church and enjoys family time, hiking, skiing and golf with friends.

Office Mascot

According to the office staff here at Vanco, his job description is “Make people smile.”

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